Improving Comfort in Microbrigada Buildings in Cuba

This project has as main goal to have a real impact on the lives of “normal” Cubans. The specific objective is to improve comfort in Microbrigada buildings because is a typology which is spread all over the country and home of thousands of Cuban families. The common problems in these neighborhoods are overcrowding, overheating, lack of privacy and unused public spaces. To tackle these issues, two strategies were tested not only from the environmental point of view, but also according to social impact and economic feasibility.
One of the envisioned schemes proposes a large-scale intervention in which roofs will be shaded and atriums will be created for improved natural ventilation and daylight. The other strategy has a different approach, it looks to create an economic and easy to build and install system that can be adapted to the diverse needs of solar protection, visual privacy and noise control of the inhabitants. The device will change according to the user’s needs and it will be attached to the windows. The outcome was a design which provides comfortable and nicer spaces for their users, and is affordable to build and apply in all Cuba.

Mentor: Michelle Hur

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Talia Quesada Campaña – Cuba

Talia Quesada Campaña – Cuba

Talia graduated from the José A. Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute in Havana, Cuba, as an Architect in 2011. Immediately, she started to work in the context of Old Havana’s historic buildings. In 2014, she finished her Master in Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Westminster in London, UK. Later, she went back to Cuba to continue working as an architect in Old Havana.