It is when I pause, ignoring the hustle and the noise, that I ponder on life and its wonders. It feels cold and distant; colder than the deepest of oceans, further than the obscurest of galaxies, as complicated as both, if not more. It is no longer mountains nor rivers, neither forests nor deserts, but cold concrete jungles built to concur and take over, very much human yet very much afar from humans. It is when I lose track of time, stop everything, and look closely -trying to take a glance of what is hidden-, that I am able to see what exists beyond; the colorful life hidden behind this stone-cold façade. That is when all the colors add meaning to life and explain this distant architecture; showing how connected everything is, how we are truly close to that coldness in disguise. Beauty lies beneath the surface, but it is only when we pause and look closely that we are able to see, otherwise it stays hidden.

Almaha Aldossary  – Saudi Arabia

Almaha Aldossary – Saudi Arabia

Almaha studied Interior Design Engineering (Bachelors) and did her Major in 2015 at the College of Design at University of Dammam. She volunteered at the UOD College of Design as Teaching Assistant and worked as Research Assistant on the topic “Can Environmental Tradition Play a Role in Combatting Global Warming? A Quest for Answers in the Desert Dwellings of Saudi Arabia” and “To Do Away with Air Conditioning: Comfort with Natural Ventilation in Tropical High Rise” in association with WOHA.